Providing Affordable Quality Education for All Loudoun County Public School Students

     Jeff and his wife Karen have educated all three of their children in Loudoun
 County Public Schools:  the oldest is a recent Virginia Tech Graduate; the middle
 is a student at Virginia Tech, and the youngest is a Freshman in high school. Jeff's
 committment to our children is unwaivering.
     Jeff is completing his second, four-year term on the School Board as the Dulles
 District Representative.  He has been elected three times by his fellow School 
 Board members to serve as the Loudoun County School Board Chairman. The
 third largest Division in the state, Loudoun County Public Schools operates on a
 $1.2 billion annual operating budget, and includes over 10,000 committed
 employees serving over 80,000 students. Jeff also serves as a Trustee of the non-
 profit Loudoun Education Foundation. Jeff's experience leading the Loudoun
 County Public Schools is unparalleled.  

Jeff has demonstrated a lifelong committment to public service.  His advocacy for our children and teachers is relentless.  Join us in our EFFORTS to ensure Jeff is returned for a third term as our Dulles District Representative on the Loudoun County School Board!

Re-Elect School Board Representative Jeff Morse 

   Jeff eaned a Bachelor of Science Degree, two
 Master degrees and a Harvard Fellowship.  He
 taught at the United States Naval Academy as a
 Master Instructor, is a certified Project
 Management Professional (PMP), and achieved a
 Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
 (DAWIA) Level III Certification in Program
 Management.  Jeff's education is extensive,

Paid for and authorized by Friends of Jeff Morse