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  Meet Jeff Morse

   Born into a large military family, Jeff learned early the value of quality education. A career military officer, he met his wife Karen in graduate school and within two years was married and deployed to Japan.  Celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year, Karen and Jeff still view their children as their greatest accomplishments.

   Jeff was born in Rhode Island.   He never met his father: Lieutenant Commander Edward Morse was tragically killed in a plane crash during a Navy training mission, leaving behind his pregnant wife Ann and four young children. Jeff’s stepfather Navy Captain John Withrow was Jeff’s role model for almost 40 years prior to his death in 2006.

 Jeff and his four siblings grew up in Vienna and attended James Madison High School. After high school, while his brothers and sisters attended the University of Virginia, James Madison University, and the United States Naval Academy, Jeff chose Virginia Tech.  As the son of a son of a Sailor, Jeff joined the Navy Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (NROTC) Program, earned a Navy Scholarship, earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and upon graduation from Virginia Tech was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy.  

   In addition to a MS in Business Finance at the University of Maryland (UMUC), where he graduated first in his class, Jeff received a MA in National Security and Strategic Studies

(graduating with distinction) from the U.S. Naval War College, and completed a one year Federal Executive Fellowship at Harvard University.  Most recently he received a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute PMI and also a level III Program Management Certification in the Defense Acquisition Workforce.

   After 20 years of service to our nation, Jeff retired in 2006 at the rank of Commander. Since completing his military career, Jeff has worked for Booz Allen & Hamilton, consulting for advance technology programs in the Federal Government. 

Jeff has been active in all school boundary realignments in the Dulles South area since 2004. His analysis of each realignment has been provided to the School Board and any interested residents in order to assist in making fact-based assessments.   Jeff was the author of the 10 page study conducted for the Board of Supervisors in 2008 entitled, An Assessment of the Inclusion/Exclusion of HS-7 in the FY 2009 – 2014 CIP. This document was derived from observations made at Loudoun County Schools, relating quality of education to classroom overcrowding. The intended result, placing John Champe High School on the bond referendum, was accomplished that November. 

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From left to right:  Richard (University of Virginia); Dianne (University of Virginia and William & Mary); Ted (U.S. Naval Academy); Cathy (James Madison University) and Jeff (Virginia Tech)  enjoy a family photo...

   Jeff is a recognized community leader. He served for four years on the South Riding Board of Directors, serving the last two years as President (2008-2010). The Homeowner’s Association, with over 25,000 residents, is one of the largest in Loudoun County.  Under his leadership, HOA assessments remained level while the community flourished.

   Jeff has demonstrated a continuing commitment to the Dulles District school children. He was a Director of the Dulles South Neighbors for Education, a 10 year old grass roots organization of over 500 concerned residents focused on ensuring that the children of Dulles South are afforded the opportunity to attend top-notch Loudoun County schools in the Dulles South region of the county.  

   Living in the Dulles District for 16 years, Jeff has compiled a public service record that is both long and distinguished, including 17 seasons as a coach/referee/umpire/timer for soccer, football, swimming, lacrosse, and softball teams.  

 He enjoys distributing grants for the Loudoun Education Foundation, where he serves as a Trustee, and enjoys reading to elementary school students when ever possible.   Jeff is a member of the Knights of Columbus, The Project Management Institute(PMI), and  MENSA.

   In 2011, Jeff was appointed by the School Board to serve the Dulles District as a member of the Joint County/School/Citizen committee on student population and enrollment. Jeff is a vocal advocate of the Gum Spring Library in Stone Ridge and the Dulles South Food Pantry, two important institutions which he views as critical assets to the Dulles District community.

  As a member of the School Board for the last six years, Jeff successfully accelerated the construction of Cardinal Ridge Elementary school to relieve overcrowding at Liberty Elementary and Pinebrook Elementary, and accelerated the construction of Rock Ridge High School to alleviate overcrowding at Briar Woods High School.  He was a strong advocate for the expansion of both Freedom High School and Mercer Middle School.  He has also pushed to accelerate the construction of the next Dulles South Middle School and High School to alleviate projected overcrowding at Mercer, Lunsford, Freedom and Champe.   He was instrumental in the funding of the Cardinal Ridge and Moorefield Station Elementary School playgrounds.  He is a strong supporter of Full Day Kindergarten:  in 2015, he voted to triple the number of children served in FDK and is working diligently to support universal FDK for all families who desire it for their child.   In 2017, Jeff was honored by his fellow School Board members when they elected him to be Chairman, a position he currently holds. 

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