Vision:  Affordable Quality Education for all Loudoun Students

Mission:  Create the environment and provide the necessary resources to enable all Loudoun County Public School students to achieve to their potential.
  • To contribute to society model citizens who embody academic achievement, ethical behavior, social maturity, sound judgment, and physical fitness;
  • To encourage academic achievement for students and teachers within and beyond the classroom;
  • To embrace innovative ways to administrate, teach, and learn, without fear of failure;
  • To enhance Strategic Planning for Capital Improvements by improving the quality of data with which decisions are made;
  • To increase the operational efficiencies by employing proven technologies and implementing successes realized both within Loudoun schools and from other school systems;
  • To investigate alternative learning environments that maximize taxpayers' contributions;
  • To partner with the Loudoun business community in a synergistic relationship; and
  • To create and employ an atmosphere of collaboration and coordination with the County Board of Supervisors

Jeff's Priorities for his next Term:

1.  Hire and Retain Quality Teachers

2.  Transform the Individualized Education Plan

     (IEP) to be Family Friendly

3.  Fully Develop the Academies of Loudoun

4.  Double the Percentage of Children Served by Full

     Day Kindergarten

5.  Control Class Size and Overcrowding

6.  Expand Technology's role in Student Learning and

     LCPS Efficiencies

Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Jeff Morse