LCPS By the Numbers:

100%   The percentage of the Superintendent's budget that was adopted by the School Board

            this year

100%   The percentage of the School Board's adopted budget that was supported by the

             Board of Supervisors

8%        The increase in our budget for 2015-2016 School Year

8%        The increase in out budget for 2016-2017 School Year

7X         The increase in percentage of students served by Full Day Kindergarten in the last

              three years

95.6%      The Loudoun County graduation rate last year

25%       Reduction since 2011 in the number of students who do not graduate on time

10%       The Average increase in pay for teachers over the last four years

20%       The increase in scholarships awarded to LCPS graduates between the Classes of

              2013 and 2014

92.6%    The percentage of LCPS employees who are school based, 2nd highest in the

              DC area

1            The ranking based on growth of LCPS (state; 3rd in the nation) over the last 4


4            The number of new schools opened in the Dulles District in the last 4 years: more

              than 99% of counties nationwide

-8%     Change in the annual cost per pupil since 2009 when adjusting for inflation!

Paid for and Authorized by Friends of Jeff Morse